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Come Experience the Journey towards Wholeness at YAKITA

Spiritual Retreat

For those of you who wish to retreat and take another look into your personal life in the safe environment and journey into your spiritual self, we would welcome you. 

You would need to tell us what it is that you are seeking in life, and we would help you think things through and journey into yourself in an environment where you would have 24 hour access to your counselors and facilitators.

Write us to let us know your problem and how you would want us to help. We speak both English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

The exclusive retreat can be between a week to a full month. It would be your choice. Priced at USD 150 a day, or USD 1000 a week or a further discount for a month long process, this personal retreat can help you take a moment out of your personal lives and rethink, as we often need to do once in awhile in life. 

 This program is open for both English speaking and bahasa Indonesia speaking people.  Write us to inquire about this program and we will tailor it to what you need. 


Exclusive Drug Recovery

We offer a personal month long drug recovery programme for people who wish to recover from drug addiction. An added program to YAKITA, this program is limited to 4 people at any single time and is a month long and facilitated directly by us. This program is only for those serious enough to recover and sincerely wish for real help.  You can download the brochure here  

The program is open for both Indonesians and expats. Inquire for availability of space if you wish to join this program.  

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Therapy & Counseling

Both David and Joyce are both passionate about counseling work, and often work together to provide a broader spectrum of views for clients and this is particularly helpful for couple or marital counseling. They are both passionate about Substance Abuse, Co-dependency issues, and people who are trying to find their pathway in Life. Both David and Joyce are also naturals with healing and alternative therapies. They live in Bogor, West Java, an hour away from Jakarta. Contact us for appointment

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