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Are you searching for something in your life? Do you feel that there is something that is missing in your life? Or are you already in that journey, and looking out to expand it more into the unknown, into the Universe?

Perhaps, Holotropic Breathwork can help you ....  

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from modern consciousness research, anthropology, various depth psychologies, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions of the world.

The name Holotropic means literally "moving toward wholeness", from the Greek words "holos"=whole and "trepein" =moving towards. 

Holotropic Breathwork is a gateway towards wholeness, a gate open for those who seek an understanding of themselves and their own sacred purpose and place in the universe.  

Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D and his wife, Christina Grof, developed this powerful and natural technique in the mid-1970's from modern consciousness research and their study of ancient spiritual systems. 

Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D. is one of the founder of the Transpersonal Psychology field and is listed in the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World. In his book, Psychology of the Future,puts it this way, 

"in holotropic states, we can transcend the narrow boundaries of the body ego and reclaim our full identity." 


 Apakah engkau mencari sesuatu dalam hidupmu? Apakah kau merasa ada sesuatu yang hilang dalam hidupmu? Ataukah kau sudah ada dalam perjalanan tersebut dan mencari cara untuk berkembang meraih semesta?

Mungkin Holotropic Breathwork bisa membantumu ...

Holotropic Breathwork adalah cara yang luar biasa untuk mengeksplorasi diri dan penyembuhan diri yang mengintegrasikan pencerahan pribadi lewat tradisi riset kesadaran, antropologi, psikologi mendalam, psikologi transpersonal, praktek spiritual ketimuran dan tradisi mistis dunia.

Nama Holotropic Breathwork secara literal berarti 'bergerak menuju keutuhan', dari bahasa Yunani "holos"=utuh dan "trepein" = bergerak menuju.

Holotropic Breathwork bisa dilihat sebagai pintu menuju keutuhan diri, pintu yang terbuka bagi mereka yang mencari pemahaman akan diri sendiri dan tujuan serta tempat mereka di Semesta. 

Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D. Ph.D dan istrinya, Christina Grof, mengembangkan tehnik luar biasa alami ini di tahun 1970-an dari riset modern tentang kesadaran dan studi mereka akan sistem spiritual kuno.

Dr. Stanislav Grof, M.D. adalah seorang penemu bidang ilmu Psikologi Transpersonal dan disebut sebagai salah satu dari 100 Orang Hidup yang Paling Berpengaruh Secara Spiritual di Dunia. Dalam bukunya, Psychology of the Future, mengatakan:

"dalam keadaan holotropik, kita dapat melampaui batasan sempit ego tubuh dan mereklamasi identitas penuh kita" 


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DAVID DJAELANI GORDON, is the only certified Grof Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner in Indonesia. Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1942 , David  trained directly with Dr.Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof in the US and was among the Grofs early trainees in the early 1980-ies. He owned Philemons, a retreat center in Carmel Valley where he carried out Transpersonal Psychology work, particularly Holotropic Breathwork, Counseling, Spiritual Studies & Retreats, as well as retreats for men and men’s issues. He moved to Indonesia in 1995 after marrying Joyce, a native Indonesian. With his drug recovery background and as a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, he began to work with addicts and recovery. He is currently directs  Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita (YAKITA), a Drug Addiction and Treatment Recovery Community and foundation, based in Ciawi, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. To contact David just click on this link and send him a message. 

JOYCE DJAELANI GORDON,  is a psychologist, graduated from the University of Indonesia and founder Founder and Board member of Yayasan Harapan Permata Hati Kita (YAKITA) Drug Addiction and Treatment Recovery Community. She had her first breathwork session in 1994, facilitated by David and over the years became very familiar with the work, assisting David as he facilitated Breathwork Sessions in Indonesia. She went to Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California for a Holotropic BreathworkTM retreat organized by Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) facilitated by Tav Sparks and hopes to continue to learn. She has a love affair with paintings and her paintings are often infused with  healing energies. She meditates as she paints. Some of her paintings can be viewed hereShe is also a natural healer. Dubbed as the First Generation AIDS Activist in Indonesia, she is also an Ashoka Fellow. She can be contacted by clicking on this link.   

Therapy & Counseling

Both David and Joyce are both passionate about counseling work, and often work together to provide a broader spectrum of views for clients and this is particularly helpful for couple or marital counseling. They are both passionate about Substance Abuse, Co-dependency issues, and people who are trying to find their pathway in Life. Both David and Joyce are also naturals with healing and alternative therapies. They live in Bogor, West Java, an hour away from Jakarta. Contact us for appointment

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